July 23, 2019

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What Are My Rights If I’m Injured on the Job in California?

Working in the construction industry is dangerous. On a daily basis, construction workers have to work with power tools, hazardous materials, scaffolding, cranes, and other equipment and machinery that are inherently dangerous. Statistics provided by … [Read more...]

The 411 on Construction Injury Claims

Our construction workers are hard-working men and women who have chosen one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Just imagine how barren and lifeless cities and small towns across the country would be without the skilled hands and … [Read more...]

Workplace Accident Stats and the Role of OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked with enforcing and outlining laws that work to protect you while you’re on the job. If you’re a construction worker, for example, scaffolding can be a dangerous hazard. OSHA has a … [Read more...]

Settlement Reached in Fatal Crane Accident

No one knows the danger involved with working at construction site more so than the men and women who work at these jobs every day. Working on scaffolding, operating heavy machinery and using hazardous chemicals to construct our nation’s buildings is … [Read more...]

Construction Sites: As Buildings Rise so Does the Level of Danger

Whether you live in a metropolis like New York City, a small city like Columbus, Ohio, or a quaint little suburb like Anytown, USA, buildings are going up, homes are being built, and roadways are being expanded at any given moment. Most of us are … [Read more...]

How Machine Operators Become Injured

Construction machines, such as cranes and dozers, allow projects to be completed efficiently and with less manual labor. However, these machines can pose a significant risk of injury to the operators and the workers around them. Over the time that … [Read more...]

What Percentage of Personal Injury Lawsuits go to Trial?

Are you planning to file a personal injury lawsuit? Once you’ve filed your suit, you’ll most probably be faced with the decision of whether to settle the claim with the insurance company pre-trial or to go to trial. This decision is vital because … [Read more...]

Personal Injury Claims and Workers’ Compensation, What’s the Difference?

Both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims are means of receiving money after an injury to “make one whole again.” Workers’ compensation only occurs for injuries that are suffered while you are working for your employer while personal … [Read more...]