July 23, 2019

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Hiring a Construction Accident Lawyer

After a construction accident causes serious injuries, your first priority is getting the medical care you need. As soon as the injury is assessed and stabilized, your family should sit down and discuss the many benefits of hiring a construction accident lawyer.

Conducting a Construction Accident Investigation

A successful investigation of a construction accident requires quick action to preserve valuable evidence and locate key witnesses. Any equipment, machinery, or tools used at the time of the accident will need to be evaluated by defective product experts. A full history on the companies and individuals involved in the project will need to be gathered. When you hire a personal injury attorney to manage your claim, your legal team will get started right away diligently trying to find the answers that could make all the difference in your case results.

There’s a good chance the accident will also be investigated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Your lawyer can liaison with OSHA representatives to determine what construction safety laws may have been violated.

Building Your Case Strategy

Before you file a claim for personal injury, consider hiring an attorney in order to benefit from his or her many years of experience winning substantial settlements. Turning your claim over to the guidance of an attorney also lets you benefit from relationships with experts who can provide valuable insight on your case.

An attorney can answer all of your questions about construction accidents and pick apart the circumstances surrounding the event to help figure out who is responsible for what happened. If a defective or faulty product is suspected to have caused or contributed to the accident, independent product testing can be performed to help back your claim.

To further strengthen your case, your law firm can tap its deep resources to help you improve your odds of getting the settlement you deserve. This may involve using various consultants, including medical experts, accountants, engineers, and other specialized professionals. If the individuals or companies identified as defendants are not willing to settle for a fair amount, your lawyer can represent your case in front of a judge, and even handle appeals if the judgment is not favorable.

If you are interested in speaking with a skilled construction accident lawyer about your rights after an injury, please search our list of construction accident attorneys.